Artist in Residence: S.C.U.M


Experimental music group S.C.U.M are artists in residence, January and February at the Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery, Redchurch St, London.

Thomas Flowerblood Vain
Bradley Baker
Samuel Kilcoyne
Huw Webb
Melissa Rigby

Will be creating a body of new works, investigating the construction and
deconstruction of sound.

Exploring and mapping:

  1.  The democracy of personal and shared knowledge.
  2. The dynamic of group activity.
  3. The claustrophobia of incarceration as creative force.
  4. Sound as a necessary conversation and a bi-product of human close
  5. The idea of the space as contributor and the development of new work
    specifically relating to their surroundings.
  6. The concept that familiarity breeds contempt / contempt breeds emotion/emotion breeds creativity.

S.C.U.M A reoccurring distant dream that should you wish to shatter is on our
behalf. A piercing wave cutting through what once was. No concept of time or
place, an unfertile sense of being. A process in the weather of the heart.
society . cutting . up . men .

S.C.U.M converting the lost, their intense, cathartic performances cutting a
dark swathe through the mediocre quagmire, the pure antithesis of all, a
purging force destroying convention, physically turning music inside out.

S.C.U.M have hammered a wedge into the cracking facade, splitting it into
factions of old and new, sowing the seeds of what is to come.

S.C.U.M debut single ‘Visions Arise’ produced by Tomathy Furse of The
Horrors was released on Loog Records in September 2008.
They are currently working on collaboration with Throbbing Gristle for
Industrial Records plus new works to be released in April and a full album
in June 2009.




20th January – 28th February 2009

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