Brown Noise


Aside from being a euphemism for many things scatological, the term Brown Noise is almost certainly an urban myth, describing a frequency of infrasound vibration that when experienced by humans is thought to induce certain physiological responses, including dizziness, nausea and a movement of the bowels.

The effects of Brown Noise can be compared to the symptoms of ‘Stendhals syndrome’, where sufferers are known to experience dizziness, panic and hallucinations when confronted with the ideals of beauty found in ‘High’ art. For this show, the artists use the metaphor of Brown Noise to suggest an equally extreme response to the more contingent ‘beauty’ of a ‘Low’ art. Their work engages with concepts tending towards the scatological and the abject (or at least the ‘messy’ and the inappropriate), a distinctly non-transcendent vision characterised by its discomfiting use of a shallow and base humour.

Brown Noise will open to coincide with Concrete and Glass, a major music and art event taking place in Shoreditch on the 2nd & 3rd October and remain open throughout Frieze (London Art Fair) until the beginning of November.

Sean Dower is a London based artist who has exhibited his art work internationally since the early nineties and has also engaged in music and live-performances since 1983. His practice incorporates Sculpture, Photography, Video and Music and often retains a performative element. Recurrent themes include the uncanny, memes, altered consciousness, and the loopholes implicit in society and technology. Examples of his output include No Room in Hell (Absent Qualia), a site-specific, ‘3D’ Zombie film exhibited at Matt’s Gallery, London in 1997. An ongoing series of photographs,Bathrooms of the World, has been in production since 1985. His work has been included in exhibitions at MOMA New York, Tate Modern & Tate Britain, London,Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London and Queensland Art Gallery, Australia. Recent exhibitions and performances have included: K48 Presents (K48 Vienna), Break it Down – A performance (Timothy Taylor Gallery, London) and Single-Shot (Tate Britain, London).

Lohan Emmanuel is a London based artist who makes use of traditional aesthetics in ways that expose the perceived moral authority of art and the artist. Often obscuring the exact nature of his role in the production of work, he establishes ambivalent relationships of subject matter to presentational style, enabling the work to operate in the manner of sedition and propaganda. Recent ‘involvements’ include, The Unveiling, at 1000000mph project space, London and Only When the Excoriated Ruins of Human Endeavour Litter the Scorched Horizon Shall the Meek Inherit the Earth, (presenting the work of Anon.c.21?) at Chapman Fine ARTS, London.

Nick Waplington is a London biased artist. He has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally and his work can be found in a number of major collections includingMOMA and Guggenheim both New York and Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia. There have been numerous publications of his work including ‘Double Dactyl‘ 2007, published to coinside with Waplington’s recent show at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Nick is currently undertaking a fellowship in Jerusalem where he is working in collaboration with the 7 messiahs presently living in the City.


Sean Dower
Lohan Emmanuel
Nick Waplington


October 2008

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