Through The Turnstiles


Thursday 19th – Thursday 26th JANUARY

Thursday 19th JANUARY 2023
6 – 8.00PM

Closing event
Thursday 26th January until 8pm



Friday 19th – Thursday 26th January 2023

Private View – Thursday 19th January
6 – 9.30pm

Opening hours
12 – 6pm

Sunday  Closed
Monday Closed
or viewing by appointment

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is a Danish painter and printmaker based in Glasgow. Her practice centres on themes inspired by scientific understanding of natural phenomena. Focus on natural phenomena grants her a freedom to ask questions, oscillate between fact and fiction and to visualise inner emotions.

BOMI KIM (b.1998)
is a South Korean artist working in Seoul and London. Her paintings depict a world of passion, indulgence and pathos. Water is a prominent theme in her work – it informs both subject and style. Paint is applied in sensuous flowing movement; her figures emerge from and are submerged in surreal water features. Her poetry elucidates the imagination behind her work.

Works in Suffolk. His practice is self taught. His style is informed by High Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo, Botticelli and Caravaggio and modern painters such as Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon.

is a British-American artist studying fine art at the School of Visual Arts in New York, USA. He paints on linen, canvas and uses ceramic, oil paint, acrylic, resin, and others. His work conveys a distinct language of caricature to portray people, animals, and events that surround him, utilising vivid colours, distorted compositions, and  humour to highlight the heightened absurdity of present day society.


Strike Art in collaboration with Gallery46 is delighted to present its inaugural exhibition ‘Through the Turnstiles’

‘Through the Turnstiles’ alludes to the emergence of fresh talent into the art world. In accordance with the ethos of Strike Art to promote emerging visual artists, ‘Through the Turnstiles’ will exhibit the most exciting new works from this cohort.
Artists are free to create as they deem appropriate. Unrestricted by theme or conditions, institutions or movements, artistic independence defines this group. The value and vision of individual creativity is paramount.

Turnstiles are evocative of just having entered a sports game, concert, train platform. It is the marker of entry into a new environment; one that is often followed by confusion and excitement.

Strike Art offers a platform for emerging talents to create freely and to triumph their vision as the next generation of artists.

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