5th – 14th January 2023

Thursday 5th January

Curated by
Rong Jin
Dongbai Chen


Thursday 5th – 14th January 2023

Private View – Thursday 5th January
6 – 9.30pm

Opening hours
12 – 6pm
or viewing by appointment


Tianzhu Yang @Tianzhu312
Mengying Wang @wan2947
Yushan Zuo @yushan7970
Richard Cook @richard.cook.art
Dirk Tsai @Kecai.d
Qian Sun @wsndsunqqqq
Yadong Li @li_yadong98
Fan Zhang @fan.zhang__art
Chaoran Zhang @timeobserver1007
Xinyi Wu @wxy.xinyiwu
LanLan @lanlan170731
weihao zhong @weihaoarts
Yingfei Liu @faye.e.e.e
Zhijing Li @lyriclii1


Everything around the world can be seeing yet not completely presented, cause those things are not be aware by us on level of consciousness. When we see things and try to observe it, particular feeling of awareness occurred. Seeing is a flat and direct approach to perceive the world, while observe is another perceptive method which base on empirical experience of personal consciousness and reflection.

Base on above point of view, the world’s landscape presented itself to us as something that can be perceive by our consciousness. We ‘see’ everything in the world and ‘see’ ourselves, ‘see’ can be regard as a fundamental way for people to recognize the world and ourselves. We originally establish the relation between the surrounding, other people, object and human through seeing things. Subject growing their own empirical knowledge in the process of seeing and be saw, and reflecting on themselves and others through this simple and straightforward process. Besides, seeing things can create mirroring imitation, subject interact with the world in the constantly  repeat seeing behaviour, we watched by others meanwhile using our own empirical knowledge  to reflect on ourselves and analyse other people and surrounding environment during the seeing behavior.

Seeing and observe are both to grasp the awareness, while operating in different aware extent. Observe is more in-depth then seeing, which is a persistent process of empirical experience  reflect on simple perception, it transcendent to a metaphysical level.

In the moment of current space, the subject of viewing and being watched is already in the process of seeing and observing, and it immediately propose a question: what kind of process function does the audience and the exhibition play in the interaction between seeing and being seen, observe and being observed, and what kind of reflection can we produce in such interaction? This exhibition hope to lead the audience to pay attention to the process of their own perception of the world, how they relate to the world, and how they change from simple and direct intuitive sensory information to cognition that has been deeply processed by personal empirical experience, so as to provide a different perspective on the world. 

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