Temporary Inhabitation
Miles Tuddenham

7th to 21st┬áMarch 2021 – On-line Only

Viewing Room:

A parasitic spatial invasion spanning over two weeks, generating and presenting an entirely new body of installative work in relation to the temporality of inhabitation, from instinctive survival technique to identity fraud – a subjective to-do-list of unrefined experiences.


Exhibition dates
7th – 21st March 2021


Miles Tuddenham is a multidisciplinary investigative artist working within the domains of time-based media, technical installation, post-internet immersion and digital forensic studies. As a present student of Central Saint Martins, studying a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (4D), Tuddenham is in the midst of developing his professional practice within contemporary art and technological research. His work aims to explore and investigate the existence of digital/analogue conflicts, tackle childhood curiosity through sculptural and performative satire, and launch technical investigations through forensic research within modern digital practice.

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