Slogan T-Shirts: Cult and Culture


MEN Gallery host an evening event to celebrate the launch of the book Slogan T-ShirtS: Cult and Culture – published by Bloomsbury – it features appraisals, in depth commentry and interviews with notable fashion insiders, cultural commentators and creative luminaries and offers a multi-faceted approach to the question of what makes the slogan T-shirt so rich, layered and culturally relevant…because slogans are never simply just words; they are emotive and evocative, suggestive and provocative.

Slogan T-Shirts: Cult and Culture explores the vast spectrum of slogan use on T-shirts; its function as a message delivery system; its expression as an artefact of language; and its role as an emblem of political, social, recreational and sartorial trends. The book unfurls as a cultural library of perspectives, nuanced positions and eclectic sources and each interview offers a cultural snapshot within the versatile framework of slogan T-shirt culture. The book also glances into the inner worlds, inside stories and mechanisms of those involved in fashion, design and the production of media. Beautifully designed, visually seductive and packed with influential innovators from the last three decades, every page of this book is a source of inspiration.

Included in a stella cast of commentators are YMC, 6876, Scott King, Jeremy Deller, Dr. Noki, Jon Savage, Jamie Reid, Neil Boorman, Holly Johnson, Katharine Hamnett, Barnzley Armitage, Vexed Generation and Michael Kopelman.


Stephanie Talbot


7th – 21st March 2013

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