“Man seeks to escape himself in myth, and does so by any means at his disposal. Drugs, alcohol, or lies. Unable to withdraw into himself, he disguises himself. Lies and inaccuracy give him a few moments of comfort.”
Jean Cocteau (1889 – 1963) French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager, playwright, artist and filmmaker

‘SIDEWINDER’ defined as a snake moving rapidly across hot sand in an alternative way – its body undulating in a complex series of movements that allow its body to touch the sand in only two places. Its smoothness of action belying theefficiency with which it moves its slink-backed form. The intricacies contained inside the animal’s body. Its all ticking down below…

SIDEWINDER will comprise a series of images, that conjure feelings of transition from one reality to another – A photographic journey – ‘still-moving’ imagery – that is obsessively trying to find a home, a way out, a place of rest in the harsh terrain… The artists’ world peopled by freaks, beauty’s in abstraction, fallen characters developed through Sub Rosa and Libertine Red, a fallen angel, an undulating snake on a bed of hot sand, an oil slicker escaping Boxjob the artist sees hope on the horizon but without wet sustenance will he finish the journey or will the
quest fail?

SIDEWINDER will utilise paint, state of the art light technology, plastic, electric, sound, vision + live humans built into an environment that will allow the viewer to step through a perceived 2D wall into another-world. Physically interactive Sidewinder will become more about the struggle and the vicarious position of the protagonists containment.

KIM FIELDING lives in Cardiff, and co-founded tactileBOSCH Studios, ‘the fist inside the velvet glove’ of contemporary art in South Wales.


Kim Fielding


4th – 22nd September 2009

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