Sex Picnic


MEN Gallery present Haifa’s psych-pop art crew In july 2014, broken fingaz return to east london for the first time since their 2012 installation crazy eye hotel. Since then, the bfc (deso, kip, tant and unga) have been exhibiting their perverted aesthetic around the world with shows in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam and Mexico. For their much anticipated return to london, bfc invite you to join them at men gallery where they launch their brand new technicolour risograph erotic zine SEX PICNIC (printed by hato press, london) turning their ever ironical eye and inimitable style to two of art history’s oldest themes: sex and death.

Signed Limited Edition magazinesa will be available to buy longside original artworks and illustrations, works on paper, shirt designs and prints.

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Broken Fingaz Crew


Friday 18th July 2014

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