“Our culture has become something that is completely and utterly in love with its present. It’s become a notion of boredom that is bought and sold, where nothing will happen except that people will become more and more terrified of tomorrow, because the new continues to look old, and the old will always look cute.”
Malcolm McLaren

An antidote to boredom, cuteness and the fear of tomorrow, The Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery is proud to present ‘SEEN…’

Each Thursday throughout the month of November, the now talent from music and art (including artistes du jour S.C.U.M) will collaborate on a series of art-sound-sculpture-installation-performances that exact an event where romantic idealism meets brutal nihilism and where the dystopian, anarchic and chaotic are meshed together to give birth to a new kind of monster, a new set of rules, the likes of which have previously existed, but no-one knew where.

Burn down the gallery, the disco, the system…

Each collaboration will take the form of an art-lock in, where the artist/musician/band are locked in (the gallery), while the audience watch outside, conversely, turning the street into ‘the gallery’.

NOVEMBER 6TH: S.C.U.M & Matthew Stone
The high priest of gothic art, Matthew Stone – famous for his tableaux of shamanic rites of passage in the style of Caravaggio – joins electro arrivistes S.C.U.M (named after Valerie Solanis’ 1968 manifesto Society For Cutting Up Men) who make music for the emotionally crippled, deficient and diseased.

NOVEMBER 13TH: An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump &
Martin Sexton
The metaphysical poems evoked by the sculptural art of Martin Sexton in which ancient mythologies are fused with ufology, are sound tracked by the all girl trio, An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump (named from the 1768 Joseph Wright painting of the famous scientific experiment, where a white cockatoo dies in the vacuum of an air pump), whose taut no-fuss big noise is part Patti Smith, part Yoko Ono.

NOVEMBER 20TH: V.E.G.A.S. Whores & Adham Faramawy
An electronic tinged, noise rock performance experiment, with a bristling rebuff to hackneyed indie, Vegas Whores mines a mania welling within a deviant unconscious. It is a violent chemistry that invites the destructive technological fascination of Suicide to dine with the shamanistic tendencies of The Doors and gets together with London-based Faramawy who traces his Egyptian roots via pagan transmissions through TV screens stacked in pyramids to represent and evoke moments of enlightenment and fear.

NOVEMBER 27TH: Project:KOMAKINO & Ciaran O’Shea
The dark lord of graphic design behind the label Disc Error and anarchic Southend club, Experimental Circle completes the month of discord and madness with post-punk outfit Project:KOMAKINO, whose performances from the shadows are like a strange séance in which Ian Curtis is raised from the dead.


S.C.U.M & Matthew Stone
An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump & Martin Sexton
V.E.G.A.S. Whores & Adham Faramawy
Project:KOMAKINO & Ciaran O’Shea


6th, 13th, 20th, 27th November 2008

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