“Beauty always has something remote”.
Elias Canetti

Romy and Maxim Northover’s exhibition ‘Luxor’ is an examination of seduction by artifice and the fetishised object. Through sculpture, images and sound pieces they explore imitations of luxurious façades that distort into displays of the absurd. Their video My Expensive Baby was recently screened during New York Fashion Week at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, and also featured in the Optica video art festival in Madrid and Paris. The video addresses on-screen characterisation, this idea is reiterated in the sound piece It’s a Big Business, an apocryphal conversation between male and female protagonists.

Romy and Maxim are sibling collaborators, based in Berlin and London respectively. In 2010 Romy and Maxim will exhibit in Berlin, Barcelona and Paris.


Romy & Maxim Northover


19th – 28th November 2009

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