Thursday 25th June 2020 6pm
YouTube – Gallery46
Curated by Sean McLusky, Bjørn Hatleskog, Johny Brown, Kevin Quigley
& Martin J Tickner

LIMINALITY [START DREAMING] A series of live transmissions

The artist is performing individually – live and recording on their own at GALLERY46 and with pre recorded video and soundtracks.
The artist has been given access to set up and broadcast on their own.


Live: Thursday 25th June 6pm
Channel: Instagram @gallery46whitechapel
Channel: Youtube GALLERY46


Guy Harries is a composer, sound artist and performer, working with electronics, acoustic instruments, voice and multimedia. His research explores the use of live electronics in music with a focus on dramaturgy, the performative and audience participation. 

His music releases include solo work and collaborations with the POW Ensemble, Meira Asher and Yumi Hara on the labels X-OR, Sub Rosa, Migro. His latest album titled Fault Line was released on the label Sombre Soniks. He also works as a singer-songwriter under the moniker Guy XY and recently released the album Turing Cabaret inspired by the life of Alan Turing.




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This is a time for dreaming
Now that reality itself is a dream
Now that the days and nights flow into one.
Dreams and reality infiltrate each other,
Actively inseminating the greyness with a strange, risky colour.
A time for seeing
A time for reaching
The veil is torn on this life
It has opened up
With all that is.
It is hideous
It is beautiful
It is terrifying
It is


LIMINALITY with GALLERY46 present a series of new works dealing with the themes of incubation, self isolation, modes of liminality, meditation, restrictions and freedoms.
In a mode of LIMINALITY we are compelled to ask questions, to mediate on how we will transverse and embrace the mystery and power of transition.

Of what has been and what will become…
Let us enter this Liminal space, collectively.
Where we are free to roam in transcendent modes.
Free to activate the imaginal.
Free to [START DREAMING] again

Limited editioned exhibition posters by the individual artists involved in the series will be available to buy. Details to follow.

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