Thursday 18th June 2020 6pm
YouTube – Gallery46
Curated by Sean McLusky, Bjørn Hatleskog, Johny Brown, Kevin Quigley & Martin J Tickner

LIMINALITY [START DREAMING] A series of live transmissions

The artist is performing individually – live and recording on their own at GALLERY46 and with pre recorded video and soundtracks.
The artist has been given access to set up and broadcast on their own.


Live: Thursday 18th June 6pm
Channel: Instagram @gallery46whitechapel
Channel: Youtube GALLERY46



ANDY SHARP is a writer and multimedia artist. Pioneering the form of literary and aural aesthetics, his English Heretic project has released ten albums and magazines since its inception in 2003. He has talked at academic conferences and countercultural events on a wide range of subjects drawn from his research.
He has an MSc in Neuroscience from Kings College and lives in London.


Richard Crow: inter-disciplinary artist, working in the field of experimental audio research, and performance. Crow manifests sound and noise for its disruptive, visceral and affective qualities and its psycho-physical implications for the listener. His solo and collaborative performances have consisted of highly conceptualized interventions into base materiality, investigations of alternative systems of organisation and research into a certain material decadence, most notably with the project The Institution of Rot.

Since the mid 80s Crow has collaborated, performed, and recorded with a number of experimental musicians, sound poets and sonic artists including Duncan Jack (What is Oil?), Joe Banks (as Ashenden), Zan Hoffman, Phill Wachsmann, Adam Bohman (as Diastolic Murmurs), Richard Barrett, Furt, The Elision Ensemble, The Hafler Trio, Clive Graham, Michael Prime, Heimo Lattner, Dean Roberts, Kaffe Matthews, Michael Morley (Gate, The Dead C), Sandoz Lab Technicians, Tanaka-Nixon Meeting, Nigel Bunn, dy’na:mo, e-Xplo, Alessandro Bosetti, Dmitri Prigov, KREV (The Kingdoms of Elgaland Vargaland), Esther Planas, Gabriel Sйverin, Gintas K, The Bohman Brothers, Richard Thomas, Aleksander Kolkowski, Nicola Woodham, John Wall and Luke Jordan.

He has exhibited and performed internationally and published many sound works since 1984 on labels such as ZH27, Shelf Life, Institution of Rot, Vintage Productions, Paradigm Discs, Durian Records, Touch, Chocolate Monk, [RHP] CDRs, EAM, COMA †‡† KULTUR ƩNĐ ϴF DΔYS, Musica Dispersa Records, Nostalgie De La Boue, Psych.KG and Firework Edition (forthcoming).

His work has been performed and exhibited in Artspace (Sydney), Volksbuhne (Berlin), ICA (London), Halle Saint-Pierre, (Paris), FLUC (Vienna), South London Gallery (London), Moscow Museum of Modern Art at Petrovka (Moscow), The Freud Museum (London), Raven Row (London), Maxxi, (Rome), 5th Marrakech Biennial (Marrakech), Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico, (Mexico City), The Showroom (London), Cafй Oto (London), West (Den Haag), Calvert 22 Foundation (London),Visconti Studio (Kingston University), The Horse Hospital (London), Iklectik (London), Savvy Contemporary (Berlin) amongst others.

His work has been broadcast by BBC Radio 4, NTS – London, Radio Panik, Brussels, Touch Radio – London, ABC Classic FM – Australia, Radio 1 – Dunedin (New Zealand), Radio Arte Mobile – Rome, Radio Corax – Halle, Resonance FM – London, Kunstradio – Vienna, Radio Nacional de Espaсa among others.


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ENGLISH HERETIC and RICHARD CROW are two artists that are attune to these liminal worlds and weave beautiful symbols of liminality in them. Through using innovative techniques in sound, installation, expanded cinema, film esasy and  writing they demonstrate both light and dark pathways of these ritual workings.

Let your mind flow!
Let yourself enter into new states of Liminal Consciousness
A new place where we challenge ourselves to make a transition
Where we challenge ourselves to build an ethereal bridge across a threshold!!
Here we encounter a liminal being!!!
Astral Devas, Nature-Spirits, Dweller on the threshold or  Guardians of new knowledge –

“Liminal beings are those that cannot easily be placed into a single category of existence. Associated with the threshold state of liminality they represent and highlight the semi-autonomous boundaries of the social world.””
Victor Turner
(Cultural Anthropologist)

So perhaps we don’t all attach such exotic names and ‘mythological’ ideas to our threshold moments but these points of Liminality are what we all have to ‘go through’.
Within ourselves, in our communities and societies at large

Old Age Musick:
for floatation tanks
Sound art , 2020

This new work is developed from discussions and practice within the Wet Rest research group instigated by Lucy Sames. Wet Rest attempts to look at floatation tank experiences as a tool for aesthetic inspiration. Joining in the group and visiting and taking part in float sessions at the “Floatworks” centre, in Vauxhall, I started considering how to subvert the experience, now co-opted into a curious strain of capitalist mindfulness. The whole interior design of the floatation tank session feels far removed from the maverick, lysergic vision of John Lilly. But rather than hark back to psychedelic nostalgia, I’ve been considering an antidote to new age music, to accompany the float sessions. Old Age Musick is both a biographical deprecation of my own life, and a hint at a less insidiously corporate experience. It also attempts to embrace a kind of joyous yet ominous non-duality, where Vedanta Hinduism and Horror mythos merge in the crystal cities of today: might Atman and the Chthonic octopus play together, in harmony, beneath all our gilded concrete.

Resources*(of self -destruction), 2020, 20’01”
video and audio decomposition (of Carmelo Bene’s 1972 film Salome)
Live sound performance for recorded tape(s), live electronics and faulty ‘prepared’ reel to reel tape recorders with the phantasmic voice of Marie-Gabrielle Rotie
Resources* Origin early 17th century from obsolete French ressourse, feminine past participle of Old French dialect resoudre ‘rise again, recover’ (based on Latin surgere ‘to rise’).
Crow’s live performance mixes instrumental, electronic and analogue techniques to generate and amplify resonances, tensions and interferences. Disarticulation, distortion, and sonic deliria signal an act of deep haunthentic listening.

LIMINALITY with GALLERY46 present a series of new works dealing with the themes of incubation, self isolation, modes of liminality, meditation, restrictions and freedoms.
In a mode of LIMINALITY we are compelled to ask questions, to mediate on how we will transverse and embrace the mystery and power of transition.

Of what has been and what will become…
Let us enter this Liminal space, collectively.
Where we are free to roam in transcendent modes.
Free to activate the imaginal.
Free to [START DREAMING] again

Limited editioned exhibition posters by the individual artists involved in the series will be available to buy. Details to follow.

Resources(of self -destruction), 2020_1
Resources(of self -destruction), 2020_3
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