Let Them Eat Chocolate


A debauched, bacchanalian, chocolate house where the high class descended to to get whoring and dirty whilst talking politics and gossip, and where Sir Richard Steele instigated and composed the first issue of Tatler Magazine.

“Even highwaymen of the more presentable type were constantly to be met at the Chocolate House; judges there were liable to meet the man whom they might afterwards have to sentence in the dock: it was no uncommon thing…to recognise a body swinging in chains on a heath outside London as a man with whom you had called a main at hazard a few weeks before at White’s or at the Cocoa-Tree”

‘Ear Today Gone Tomorrow’ The Van Gogh chocolate ear
‘Talk is cheap’ The Cocoa Tree Chocolate nose
‘Something For the Weekend?’ The Cocoa Tree Truffle
‘The Gallows’ The Cocoa Tree hot chocolate and rum
‘Fighting Talk’ The Cocoa Tree hot chocolate and whiskey


The Cocoa Tree
Joss Lally


5th – 31st December 2008

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