A space for sound art.

UAL: London College of Communication
9th – 12th February 2023

An International Group Show from Sound Arts


Exhibition Dates
Thursday 9th РSunday 12th February 2023

PV Thursday 9th
6- 9PM


Alicja Barczuk
Benjamin Thorn
Bohang Zhang
Boy Lucid
Dean Powell
Declan Roberts
Eleanor Anderson
Emmanuel Neill
Esther Ajayi
Finn Hardaker
Fraser Scowen
Hanifa Uddin
Harley Riecansky
Harvey Young
Jacob Lyttle
James Brown
James Nenadic-Thorpe
JC Chang
Maria Grigoriu
Matthew McConway
Rose-Ebony Vargas
Rysia Kaczmar
Sephora Pietrzak
Si Ting Wang
Theo Power
Ties Linssen
Uinseann Mould


NOW AND THEN AND NOW… is a shared showcase of the 2023 BA Sound arts year two students. Presented are an array of works looking to highlight and explore multiple themes and ideas, the scope being as broad and eclectic as our group and the world we inhabit. Showing works relating to sound for screen, multi-channel installations, sound sculptures and others which blur the lines or defy categorisation.

The show is a reflection upon our work in the present, giving a snapshot of emerging artists with differing voices and ideas who will be transforming the space into a sonic playground of sorts.

With no defined subject, we have been able to look at developing works along our own interests and if any theme has emerged as a result of this then it is one of community and inclusivity.
We are inviting you to this show as an open space for discussion, play, experience and contemplation.


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