‘Disorderly Magic and Other Disturbances’
Richard Cabut
Book Launch
WED 29TH March 2023
6 – 9PM



Wednesday 29th March 2023
6 – 9PM


Richard Cabut

Guests readers
Kirsty Allison (Author)
David Erdos (International Times)
Johny Brown (Band of Holy Joy | Artist)


Disorderly Magic Book Launch Release Event | Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

New York-based publisher, Far West Press, is excited to announce the London book launch for Disorderly Magic and Other Disturbances by Richard Cabut. The event will take place on Wednesday, March 29th, from 6pm to 9pm at 46 Gallery, located at 46 Ashfield Street, London E1 2AJ.

Richard Cabut will read invocations and evocations from his latest book. Disorderly Magic and Other Disturbances is a pop meditation on themes ranging from speed, delirium, and disillusionment to wilderness, wasteland, and conjuring the future. The book’s worldwide release via Far West is Tuesday, March 28th.

Joining Cabut will be special guests, including David Erdos (International Times), Kirsty Allison (author, poet), and DJ Johny Brown (Band of Holy Joy, artist). The evening offers attendees sensory verbal delights with elements of sound, vision, and sorcery.

About the Author:

Richard Cabut is the author of Disorderly Magic and Other Disturbances (Far West Press, 2023). He is also the author of the novels Looking for a Kiss (PC-Press, 2023. Previous edition: Sweat Drenched Press, 2020) and Dark Entries (Cold Lips Press, 2019), co-editor/-writer of the anthology Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night (Zer0 Books, October 2017), contributor to Ripped, Torn and Cut – Pop, Politics and Punks Fanzines From 1976 (Manchester University Press, 2018) and Growing Up With Punk (Nice Time, 2018).

His journalism has featured in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, NME (pen name Richard North), ZigZag, The Big Issue, Time Out, Offbeat magazine, the Independent, Artists & Illustrators magazine, thefirstpost, London Arts Board/Arts Council England, Siren magazine, etc.

Other fiction has appeared in the books The Edgier Waters (Snowbooks, 2006) and Affinity (67 Press, 2015). As well as on various internet sites.

He was a Pushcart Prize nominee 2016.


About Far West:

Far West Press, founded in 2020, is an independent publishing press that produces raw, dangerous, and highly combustible books that travel easily in your back pocket. Far West writers are musicians, film directors, degenerates, and poets who write what they want in roughly 100 pages. Far West books can be found at your favorite bookstores, your neighborhood bodega, and on the shelves in your cooler, older brother’s room at this very moment.


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