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Joshua Armitage
Klaas Op De Beéck
Yage Guo
Christabel MacGreevy
Alexi Marshall
Sarah Pickstone
Sofya Shpurova
Pawel Sliwinski

Thursday 25th November – 12th December 2021


Exhibition Dates
12th November – 12th December 2021

PV – Thursday 12th  6 – 10pm


Joshua Armitage
Klaas Op De Beéck
Yage Guo
Christabel MacGreevy
Alexi Marshall
Sarah Pickstone
Sofya Shpurova
Pawel Sliwinski


(b. Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, 1986)

Graduate of the RCA 2012, lives and works in London.
In my work I explore experience and memory through the act of drawing and painting. I use the material qualities of paint to investigate why a particular place, image or memory has meaning for me and what that meaning might be.
I am interested in how our internal experience of memory, imagination and observed experience are hard to differentiate from one another and it’s this area of investigation that I hope imbues my images.


(b, 1990 Leuven) lives and works in Gent, Belgium.
In 2013 he completed his MFA in ne arts, painting at St Lucas, Gent with an exchange at Edinburgh college of Arts.

In times of mass media and digital communication, through the slowness and sensitivity of painting, Klaas chooses to research the daily life and the importance of inter-human connection. The studio functions as a heterotopic space, where intimacy, conntection, identity and time are being researched.
The work forms a representation of a highly personal world, which consists of contemporaries, friends and loved ones.

He has taken part in exhibitions both nationally and internationally.
“The sky touches the earth and the earth” #2 (2013, CEAC, Xiamen) ,
“MSK Remasterded” (2016, Museum of ne arts, Gent) , En Piste! (2019 Musee LA Boverie, Liège) to name a few.


Is a practising artist based in London and Shanghai. She works with painting, drawing and photography. Yage received distinction for her undergraduate study at Slade in 2020, and she is currently completing her post graduate study there. She has participated in various international and UK based group shows.

My work is initiated from the desire to hold on to ‘a moment of time’. These slices of time come from memories, film shots, animations, objects observations… The idea of holding on is ambivalent, since no one can stop the flow of time. However, painting as a special medium allows the possibility of holding on – it crystalizes the moment, forming a re-engagement between me and the subject matter, allowing an escape to fantasies. On this limited canvas space, the action of painting created an entrance to the unknown world and the androgynous fantasy.

2021 Slade Summer Shows, London
2021 All The Guilty Things, London
2021 WALLS ALL AROUND, Fusion, Nottingham
2021  Folie а Deux, Haus Gallery, London
2020 Decadent Gaming, Linseed Gallery, Shanghai
2020 Slade Online Showcase, London
2020 CAR SHOW, Slade School of Fine Art, London
2020 SAVAGE, The Crypt Gallery, London
2019 MELON CAULI, Asylum Chapel, London
2019 APPROACHES, D Contemporary, Mayfair, London
2019 18/11/1, PMQ, Hong Kong
2018 BRIDGE (SOCHI, RUSSIA), Grand Hyatt Regency, Sochi, Russia
2018  BRIDGE, IZO Gallery, Moscow, Russia


Is an interdisciplinary artist concerned with myth, love, and memory explored through folklore, art history and personal mythology. MacGreevy uses storytelling and an idiosyncratic iconography to express what we may struggle to say in words; identity, masculinity, femininity, and what it is to experience the human condition, with its complexities, joys, miseries, furies and madness.
Working in paint, print, sculpture, and textiles, with a practise that centers in drawing, MacGreevy considers the concept of performance and ritual to be present in her drawing practise. Drawing every day, she uses the primitivity of mark making as the simplest means of self expression and movement flow from the mind into the tangible world via paper.

Her most recent London solo exhibition, Glut, at LAMB Arts in Mayfair, London (2018) reflected on identity, sexuality and femininity; their definition and her relationship with the latter and what it evokes when contextualised both within a historical framework and within her own domestic environment.
Recent international exhibitions include
2019 A solo presentation at Drawing Now Art Fair, Cob Gallery, Paris
2018 Falico Magico? Lamb Arts, Sгo Paulo, Brazil
2018 Art Bo, Lamb Arts, Bogotб, Colombia
2017 Juicy Fruit, curated by Antonia Marsh, New York
2017 Best of the Drawing Year, Christies, London

Her work has been featured in AnOther Magazine, iD, Dazed, It’s Nice That, LOVE Magazine and The Evening Standard. She participated in an artist talk at Frieze 2019.

MacGreevy studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London and Ecole de Beaux Arts, Paris before completing her Postgraduate diploma from The Royal Drawing School, London.
She began her artistic career as a fashion illustrator doing work for LOVE magazine. In 2015, with her childhood friend Edie Campbell, she co-founded the fashion brand Itchy Scratchy Patchy. Starting with 10 humorous embroidered patches, over the last five years it grew into a seasonal clothing label, stocked in department stores in the UK, US and Asia, most notably at Dover Street Markets worldwide. The brand collaborated with Moncler on their 1952 Genius Project, as well as Levi’s, Sunspel, Dickies and cult leather brand Lewis Leathers before closing at the end of 2019. 


(b. 1995, London)
Graduated from the Slade School of Art in 2018. Her work investigates folklore, spirituality and womanhood, often investigating the cyclical nature of life and death. She uses a range of media but focuses primarily on print, drawing, mosaic and embroidery. Amongst other awards including the Boise travel scholarship and Antony Dawson print prize, Marshall was selected as one of the ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’ exhibiting at Liverpool John Moores University and The South London Gallery (2018).

In 2019 Marshall completed her first solo exhibition “The Redemption of Delilah” at Public Gallery. More recently, she took part in the group exhibition ‘Dancing At The Edge Of The World’  (2020) curated by Marcelle Joseph at Sara Zanin Gallery in Rome. In September 2021 she will be exhibiting her first institutional solo show. ‘Cursebreakers’ at the De La Warr Pavillion.
I am an artist who works primarily in print, mosaic, drawing and embroidery; investigating themes of spirituality, sexuality and womanhood. In my practice I am interested in the power and fallibility of the human spirit, often exploring the internal and external forces at play from desire to the Occult. Often within the work, folklore, religion and myth are combined with autobiographical elements. The images I create are often bold and strange; bodies and worlds fold into each other to create theatrical tableaux and morality play. Unapologetic imagery of women in their sexuality, divinity and unconstrained freedom can be seen in different forms throughout my practice through a feminist perspective. I am interested in the stories of women; strange women, women who ooze the wild, dark, nature of feminine within the confines of history. I attempt to reimagine these women -denigrated, archetypal, scared or the femme fatale, through the humanity and nuance that is often lost in their fixed narrative. Desire underlined by threat is conveyed, as human, bestial and hybrid figures cavort in unspecified environments. The figures are symbolic, becoming my own personal deities, neither benevolent or malevolent but acting as symbols for fate and the innate wild nature of humanity.


Lives and works in London. She studied at the Royal Academy Schools and University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and is a member of the artist coop Cubitt Studios.
The Royal Academy of Arts commissioned An Allegory of Painting 2018- 2019 about the life of founding member Angelica Kauffman RA. Daunt Books published Park Notes – an anthology of art and writing in 2014 – this publication was the culmination of a body of work relating to women writers called the Writers Series, shown at The New Art Centre in 2013. Sarah won the John Moores painting Prize in 2012 and had been runner up in 2004.
Teaching is an important part of Sarah’s practice, and she is a mentor for Turps Painting School and a member of Senior Faculty at The Royal Drawing School.

Other selected shows include
2017 Other Stories solo show, Southwark Park Galleries, England
2015 The Rehearsal at Mercer Harrogate Museum, solo show
2014 JMPP Museum of the Himalayas, Shanghai
2014 Irony and Gesture Kukje Gallery, Seoul
2013 The Writers Series The New Art Centre, Salisbury, England


s a multidisciplinary artist whose practice mainly involves methodical biographical associations that are formed from the rejection of imagery. Sofya’s archeological process of re-finding images through cathartic deaths of meanings is severely introspected.

Her paintings are a form self plagiarisation, reiterations of self-portraits that are concerned with self-consciousness. Expelling codified and decoded images allows for philosophical mobility and a sense of acuteness in her work.
Sofya Shpurova graduated 2019 from Slade School of Fine Art in London and is now working between London and Moscow. 


(b. 1984, Chelm, Poland) 

Holds an MFA in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw (2009). The artist has been acquired by the Zabludowicz Collection in London, Collection of the ING Polish Art Foundation in Warsaw and Collection of National Museum in Gdansk, Poland. In 2014, the artist was included in the wide ranging book 100 Painters of Tomorrow published by Thames & Hudson.

Notable solo exhibitions include
2019 Big Bun Biters, Clay.warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
2018 Bardo, Polana Institute, Petrykozy, Poland
2016 Feed Your Head, Dwie Lewe Rece Gallery, Katowice, Poland
2013 Wayward Layer, 4-Face Space Gallery, Beijing, China,  (two person- Pawel Sliwinski & Tymek Borowski)
Figures and Motives, Kolonie Gallery, Warsaw, Poland,
2012 Unknown Master From Kasilan, BWA Gallery, Zielona Gora, Poland
2011 Family, Supplement Gallery, London, England

Selected group exhibitions include
2021 Hybrids: the Lives of Specimens, LELE Art Space, Warsaw, Poland
2021 A Manifesto for a Better Life, Salon Akademii Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2019 The Spirit of Nature and Other Fairy Tales, Muzeum Slaskie, Katowice, Poland
2019 Palac Sztuki. Mlode malarstwo polskie, National Museum, Gdansk, Poland
2018 Wild at Heart, Zacheta- National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland
2018 Between Salvation and Constitution, BWA Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland
2016 Four painters Zderzak Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2014 100 Painters of Tomorrow, Beers Contemporary, London, England
2011 As You Can See: Polish Art Today, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Poland, 2014 (as a Borowski & Sliwinski)
2011 Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Kolonie Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

The artist lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.


Paint Talk and GALLERY46 are delighted to present ‘Knocking It Out Of The Park’, a group show of work by Joshua Armitage, Klaas Op De Beйck, Yage Guo, Christabel MacGreevy, Alexi Marshall, Sarah Pickstone, Sofya Shpurova and Pawel Sliwinski. 

‘Knocking it out of the park’ is the sequel to Paint Talk’s inaugural group show at GALLERY46 in April, 2021.
Following The First Swing of the Bat, we have a clean hit which preferably clears the stands. A large crack permeates the night air, reverberates, echoing against collective joint inhalation. There is no time to dwell on the heat nor moisture loitering at every turn. We are unquestionably in the thick of it, the noise is deafening, time moves slower and faster simultaneously. Knocking it out of the park alludes to the constant onslaught of departures and arrivals in the studio throughout the process of creation. 

Within the sphere of current painting, Paint Talk seeks to spotlight paintings by painters which undoubtedly occupy a world all of their own. Distinct languages which articulate unique and somewhat separate conversations housed under one roof.  

A common thread is a consideration of futures past, each artists practice engages with painted time, unflinching. Materiality, methodology and conceptual grounding are unanimous to each artist, they are bound by their expansive nature, a feeling of careful, clear delineation. Formally there are broad reaches in every direction, abstract construction, generous figuration, tight and regimented representation, colour and form woven in tapestry, layers chiselled and carved in woodblock, spaces which hold figuration alongside free abstraction, and work which evades strict categorisation. 

Knocking it out of the park, a question of utopian outcomes, would a clean hit suffice? Probably. Taking off, sustaining prolonged flight and surpassing all recognisable terrain, a highly sought after destination, which has many faces. 

Ipadtekening 70 x 60 cm Olie op doek 2021
FSP Full res (14)close
The wounded in the wood_50x46cm_Ink on paper_2021_L950
The wounded in the wood_50x46cm_Ink on paper_2021_L950
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