I Want to Fuck You


‘Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and it commands the higher price’.
Jean Baudrillard

The exhibition is a filmic, playful and voyeuristic series of works that are provocative with an innocence aesthetic, but with the ability to shock and become a confrontational statement (depending on the viewers sentiment). The artworks are various frames in length of lenticular photographic sequences, an extension to Santini’s considerable filmic photographic work. The show comprises of 8 lenticular artworks: 3ft x 4ft which are on display at The MEN Gallery, whilst others are being displayed in various locations around London (full details revealed December 1st).

Santini’s lenticular series of pole dancers Red Pole and White Pole is steeped in ‘sex’ – pole dancing being the staple for strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs, however, captured as a constant visual sequence with no beginning or end, rather than itillate or ‘shock’ they produce a discordant harmony that engages the viewer as an unwitting voyeur, without consent.

I Want To Fuck You and I Love You, illuminated, work in unison as direct spoken pieces with the viewer – the subject of the work mouthing the constant invitation and declaration, to entice, which then questions – what is ‘love’ – cutting through sentiments of love and sex, blurring the emotions for the viewer as they receive the dialogue as innocent passers-by.

This is a show of what seems like simple actions and sentiments, however, it carries deeper thoughts, dialogues and dilemmas; with questions that arise from the artists basic sequencing of his subjects that commandeer the viewer to be privy to what are very private and personal moments.



Derrick Santini


10th- 29th December 2010

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