‘Here Unheard’
LCC BA Sound Arts Y2 Group Exhibition

Gallery 46 presents a collaborative group exhibition created by BA (Hons) Sound Arts students from the London College of Communication, University of Arts London.

“Here Unheard” explores the multi-faceted nature of sound arts across a diverse range of works. The title plays on a poetic invocation to be present in the contemporary moment of the  ‘here’ whilst inviting attention to the ‘unheard’: the neglected, the forgotten, and the over-looked in an ocularcentric society. The group of emerging sound artists have chosen to examine the possibilities of working with sound – physically, materially, conceptually – broaching themes and phenomena such as: time-travel, synaesthesia, cymatics, disability and the body, gender, the attainment of wisdom, fear of AI, hearing loss, sculptural materiality, performance aesthetics, the dynamics of interior/exterior spaces. Sound installation is explored in many forms: mixed-media installation, kinetic sculptures, audiovisual works, generative programming, sound and light sculptures, non-sounding sculpture, sensor instrument, interactive works as well as auditory works for speakers, headphones and multichannel.

A performance evening on Friday 26 January brings some of the installed works to life and showcases other sounding practices of the group, both collaborative and solo.

Private View
Thursday 25 January
6pm – 9pm

Friday 26 – Sunday 28 January 2024
Show open: Fri 26 Jan (12pm-3pm), Sat 27 Jan (12-6pm), Sun 28 Jan (12-6pm)

Friday 26 January
6 – 9pm


Private View
6 – 9PM

Friday 26TH – 28TH JANUARY
Show open: Fri 26 Jan (12pm-3pm), Sat 27 Jan (12-6pm), Sun 28 Jan (12-6pm)

6 – 9PM

Check details on Instagram for any changes to opening times


Aparna Sivaramakrishnan
Baria Qureshi
Mario Edwards-Roberts
George Coggan
Daniel Marin Morejon
Louie Bourne
Declan Agrippa
Benjamin Shiels
Miles Lukoszevieze
Vit Trojanovsky
Saia Dugan
Zaron Lane
Robin Goodfellow
Tata Cheng
Gabriel Paz
Jay Smith-Wratten
Kieran Logins
Lucas Yoshimura Wood
Chi Shun Woo
Matthew McConway
Qianhui Sun
Amani Okundi


BA Sound Arts Y2
Group Exhibition

  1. Mario Edwards-Roberts – To Lose It All

a doctors office, in which a creative goes to and is given the bad news that they are losing their hearing. The signs are there, however, they ignore them until it is revealed that the cause of this is their career, and they may have to stop doing what they love to save what hearing they have left. How would you feel if you loved something dearly and it was suddenly taken away from you?

  1. Evaneh Bennett – Stable

A body for frequency, exploring the motion of sound. Energy still resonates from a solid structure and seeks to escape. A cello composition pitched down to 30Hz plays from 3 transducer speakers to vibrate the bed structure. A representation of how despite disability stifling and trapping expression we still seek to express humanity. To play the cello is a whole body experience, the sound doesn’t remain within its wooden body, it resonates throughout it. To feel is to be human, touching the piece vibrates your body with it. With this presentation, to feel the sound shows more influence than hearing alone.

  1. Jay Smith-Wratten – Goodbye

A sound work composed onto cassette.

  1. Amani Okundi – ONE EARTH

One Earth is a perpetually developing audio-visual representation of the spiritual unison of the world in prayer from gods perspective

It is an experience that overcomes language barriers and the hinderance of tongues and focuses on the harmony that is made through prayer regardless of race, colour or class.

The united voice creates an audio representation of how God hears the soundscape of our voices when we call out to him.

  1. Qianhui Sun – Value

This sound installation showcases the randomness and uniqueness of life paths through a mechanical dance. It features three motors and two gears controlling two rods, one with a ball swinging randomly to strike nine surrounding pipes, creating unforeseen sounds symbolizing life’s unpredictability. Another rod holds a spotlight that follows but never fully illuminates the ball. This artwork engages viewers visually and audibly, prompting reflection on life’s unique journey and meaning.

  1. Robin Goodfellow – The phonoptical synesthetic emulation station

Having been intrigued by the concept of synesthesia, I wanted to create a replication of its effects that could be experienced by those without the phenomena of cross-wired senses.

By utilising cymatic techniques, alongside water-based light refraction, I built this device in hopes of visualizing the sonic realms through projections of light.

  1. Lucas Yoshimura Wood – Lightning

Inverting the standard of surround sound for screen, light becomes the mode for immersion and emotion which underpins the singular sound experience. A response to Takashi Ito’s short film ‘Thunder’.

  1. Louie Bourne – Tribute to Daniel Lambert

 A large instrument with an iconic piece of Leicester’s history within.

  1. Zaron Lane – Auditory Perception of Time

Exhibiting a thrilling, time-travelling sonic experience of London’s past century through to the present day. Let’s wonder what London will sound like in the coming century.

  1. Declan Agrippa
  1. Jason Woo – Harmonic Proximity: A Sonic Encounter

Put your hands in front of the sensors and start creating your own music!

  1. Miles Lukoszevieze – Hollow Reverie_0

This is an octophonic composition exploring the revelation of internal sounds from field recordings, sine tones, noise and live instrumentation. This is an electro-acoustic work comprised of three acts, featuring a recurring motif of contrasting ‘natural / unnatural’ timbres. A conflict of duality is revealed through raw sound samples transformed via harmonic layering with granular synthesis. Accompanying this work is a series of polaroids, holding atmospheres of liminality, intimacy and oblique distance.

  1. List Logins – Anti-body

A multichannel sound installation crafted from electromagnetic and contact microphone field recordings. Inspired by Judith Butler’s reflections on the performative nature of gender, the piece invites a reconsideration of movement and the flux of identity, viewing both as a source of empowerment.

  1. Benjamin Shiels – Enter the void (2009) – sonic reimagining

Complete sonic redesign of the DMT sequence from Gaspar Noé’s “Enter the void” (2009)


  1. Aparna Sivaramakrishnan – Cycle, Not Incomplete

The work is based on the book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and the concept of nothing is complete until it’s recognised that not all completion can be considered positive. The abstract from the conclusion of the book is about, mix of his experiences from all three stages of his life in attaining wisdom, is personified to combine as the sound of river as well as his realisation. This is represented using a three-leaf pinwheel and the characteristics of the sound is divided into a three-part track, using verbs and objects used to represent his emotions.

  1. Saia Dugan – Sub-aqueous milieu

An interactive water based drum sequencer, provoking a toylike experimental approach to dance music. Sub-aqueous milieu (lit. under water social environment) harnesses the mundane water drop to create an interactive polyphonic environment. The decorations are my own illustrations depicting abstract and organic circuitry, mimicking the ubiquitous flow of water. Sub-aqueous milieu makes a direct link between water and entertainment, encouraging reflection on all the water systems in our lives.

  1. Daniel Marin Morejon – The parallel world of waves and data

There is a parallel world behind the screens. The digital realm is breaking into our world, leaving behind a trace of physical formats and analog electronics. This installation is showing us the contrast between the material and the virtual, featuring visuals and sounds generated in real time.

  1. Tata Cheng – Shelter

Inside the fragile fabrics; An illusion of a solid structure; Exposed to nature.

  1. Baria Qureshi – It Hertz When You Fear Me

Computers have reached a point of technological advancement where they can use their computational algorithms for creativity that is nearly comparative to a humans. Can you hear your fear?

  1. Vit Trojanovsky – Sonokinesis

Sonokinesis is a superpower allowing to control, manipulate and generate sound waves by one’s mind.

It is a performance piece featuring early prototypes of two wireless interactive Arduino gloves.

Rooted in trans-humanism, the piece is examining fascination by such possibilities and enables to control electronic sound by the movement of human body.

  1. George Coggan – performance aesthetics


  1. Matthew McConway
  1. Gabriel Paz – Score of a Sculpture

The importance of material in art. Exhibited through sculpture and sound.

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