Michael Kaul
Nicky Hodge
Henry Hoffman


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Tuesday – Saturday
11.00 – 6.00 pm
Or by appointment

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Nicky Hodge
Henry Hoffman
Michael Kaul

Michael Kaul‘s paintings radiate energy and yet strike a gentle, almost meditative tone. Kaul reveals a subtle, poetic realm of light and space through mainly monochromatic surfaces built up through transparent layers. The paintings arise from the decision of a particular format and the spontaneous application of colour, and develop either from a quick, wet-on-wet painting process, or sometimes through the slow application of glazed layers of paint. These are paintings that want to be looked at closely, only then can you appreciate their hidden depths. With ironic, exaggerated or even absurd titles o en drawn from everyday speech, the artist makes reference to the arbitrary, functional world beyond the canvas.

Nicky Hodge
Clustered together as if in conversation with each other, Nicky Hodge’s iridescent paintings glow and shimmer before seemingly dissolving before our eyes. Experiments with a new medium of watercolour on stretched white co on, her works have an arbitrary airiness. The co on captures gauzy vapours – like ‘li le light boxes’ as she has observed – in uencing the nal colour once the paint has dried. O en, jewel-like washes of pink, crimson or cobalt recede into whispered lighter notes, recalling those fugitive pools of colour visible when our eyes are closed. In material and medium, these paintings have an intimation of medical use and of mended bodies – the warp and we of gauze bandages, colour bleeding and seeping over the edges of frames. Whether painted in acrylic on canvas or watercolour on co on, the indistinctive nature of Hodge’s paintings, if anything, pin down a moment, a feeling, an emotive note.
Chantal Condron, 2023

Henry Hoffman
I have found myself looking for beautiful things existing in the world and tying them with my work. Im fascinated with finding something that has already had a life and re-appropriating it to shape a particular that is, like traditional painting, through the virtue of colour and shape, stable and fixed.
Focussing on the edges, seams and ridges of the work, has expanded my view of what makes a painting an artefact. My canvas is no longer the structure of image on material but more the material itself, making it an object. My painting resides on and is the surface of the object. This body of work explores surface as surface and paint as paint. It is a depiction of the construction of painting.
I have faith in colour, colour is primitive and instinctual and we are moved by the magical relationship of pigments. This work focuses on the personal mood-altering ability of simple shape and colour. My pale e works on what gives energy to the piece. Le ing the colours sing in my mind before applying them to the canvas, helps invigorate and charge the final outcome.
Henry Hoffman, 2023


Although colour exists within the physical world as an inherent part of objects, it seems to arrive and appear with light. It travels within a magical ow of vibrations and blesses a surface as it lands.
This exhibition presents the works of three artists that seem to catch that hovering light.

With the work of Michael Kaul, Nicky Hodge and Henry Hoffman, this show explores arrangements that, in their simplicity, become highly complex. Jewel-like hazes, misty blurs, and floating orbs form a kaleidoscopic equation of shape and colour. The exhibition is an invitation to tune into the subtle yet powerful considerations these three artists bring. Like musical composers, they create environments where notes of colour levitate in a constant resonance within the painting and the exterior context.


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