Faces in the Fire


Faces in the Fire is a group show featuring a selection of works including multi media pieces, large charcoal drawings and oil painting from three emerging contemporary artists from Rye in Sussex.

As the title suggests the emphasis here is on meaning and the compulsive urge of all human beings to project and exact pictures and images from the flames. Are we are the meaning makers? (and are our pictures the sum of our emotional needs?)

Sarah Seymour’s large dark landscape drawings and oil paintings are both depictions of the storm and also representations of the storm within and invite the viewer to contemplate the question of the subjective and the universal.

Jenny Edbrookes glossy multi-media pieces explore the connection between female menstrual cycles and the greater cycles and rhythms of the universe. The beautifully ornate and highly tactile work invites us to contemplate aesthetics as evidence of external meaning. By taking ownership and re-appropriating the traditionally female motif of the flower, Jenny reasserts them as power tools to question gender and identity.

Luke Hannam chooses religious iconography as his starting point. The mother and child motif seen routinely throughout the history of art is the trigger for his painterly but also symbolically driven works. Luke wants us to consider the mother and child motif as both an archetype of nurture and sustenance and a depiction of it.


Jenny Edbrooke
Sarah Seymour
Luke Hannam


4th – 12th May 2017

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday
Noon – 6PM or by Appointment


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