deeep’ disrupts London’s art scene with first AI art fair (14 – 17 October, 2021)


London’s first international Ai & NFT Art Fair dedicated to artificial intelligence.
From the new international art scene shaping the future whilst making history.

150 Curtain Road

13th to 17th October 2021




Exhibition Dates
14th – 17th October 2021

PV – Thursday 14th 6 – 9pm
Friday – Sunday 12 – 6pm
Saturday 16th – 12 – 9pm

deeep TALKS
2pm – 3pm





A new art scene is on the verge of changing the future while making history, creating an official debut in the international art industry are the upcoming ‘ai artists’.

In the heart of london, the technology of algorithm and visual arts will present the challenging creation of artificial intelligence art. Deeep- ai art fair – london is dedicated to presenting some of the most avant garde and rising artists who work inside the intricate field of ai, digital art & nft. Conceptually theses ai artists are questioning the nature of art and the roles of human creativity to develop a new intervention.

The 2021 ai art fair is taking place in the center of london shoreditch, a location which has famously focused on the arts, avant-garde and upcoming creativity. Our chosen venue is unique, building a perfect hub to host this cunning age art fair. The committed challenge is to find the most prestigious and cutting edge artists and galleries from around the world that represent artists working with technology as a subject or reference.

Nfts on the blockchain creates a major art medium.
A revolution in the art world.
Deeep is here to incarnate the trend.

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