“Fantasy of having a trailer wagon all to myself”

3rd – 18th June 2021 – Curated by Tatiana de Stempel


Private View: Thursday 3rd June 2021  5 – 9pm
Exhibition dates:  3rd – 18th June 2021
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday  12 – 6pm
Sunday 11 – 5pm

‘Fantasy of having a trailer all wagon to myself’

Workshops and Performances at GALLERY46
All workshops will be performed outside in the gardens, observe social distance guidance and can also be accessed via zoom.
Places are free but must be booked in advance.
For further information and to book: www.fantasyofatrailerwagon.org


Sang Hoon Lee Live performance ‘To Move on Unsteadily’: 3rd June 2021 – 7pm & 6th June – 4pm .
The performance will be created from a sense of uncertainty. The body will be continuously shaken, staggered, unbalanced.


Khiyo Live Music Workshop: 4th June 2021 – 11 – 1pm
Music workshop run by London-based British Bengali band, featuring Indian and Bangladeshi classical music and after performance discussion. Workshop will be zoom linked to schools in Whitechapel. Pupils will listen to the music and then draw and paint what the music makes them think and feel. Khiyo will be playing music from the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence.


Ivan Cartwright ,’A Wedding Portrait’ by his Gay Lover: 5th June 2021 2 – 4pm
This performance will be a live shared talk with questions from the audience (Covid permitting). The performance will address the complex issues of non-binary identity and polygamous sexual identity within heteronormative parameters and equally rigid expectations around masculine ideals.


Nick Parkin – ‘Islands of Dust -Butoh’ workshop exploring the Butoh walk:
Saturday 12 June 2021– 2 – 4pm
Nick Parkin is an award-winning Composer, Musician, Artist, Director and Movement Practitioner specialising in environmental and site-based sound and performance. Workshop will be zoom linked to participating universities.

Renowned theatre director Simon Usher readings of Manoj Nair writings:
Saturday 12 June 2021 – 12 – 1.30pm


Anju Acharya
Fiona Banner Aka The Vanity Press
Maya Bastian
Zanny Begg
Xenia Bond
Peter Bond
Hannah Burton
Ivan Cartwright
Reza Ben Gajra
Harold Offeh
Danushka Marasinghe
Anjali Nair
Raksha Patel
Jiva Parthipan
Anoli Perera
Janine Shroff
Paul Sakoilsky
Roshan Chhabria and Stephaine Douet
Saad Qureshi
Anna Sebastian
Sophie de Stempel
Tatiana de Stempel
Bharat Thakur
Gavin Turk
Remi Rana Allen
Anil Dayanand – can’t attend due to Covid in India
Opper Zaman – can’t attend due to Covid in Bangladesh
Bharat may not attend due to Covid 


An impressive international roster of more than 20 artists from the UK, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Korea and Sri Lanka are coming together to celebrate the life of Indian writer, journalist, critic and curator, Manoj Nair and his contribution to arts and culture. The exhibition will include a diverse span of practice, including painting, photography, performance, film, sculpture, writing, music and digital artwork.

In life Manoj Nair, was highly regarded by the artistic community for championing the work of so many artists and helping to bring their work to a wider audience through his writings, as well as for his role as the Editorial Director of the Kochi Murziris Biennale 2018-19.This exhibition is an acknowledgement of Manoj’s importance by the featured artists, many of whom had a personal connection with him and who were keen to acknowledge his international legacy.

The exhibition’s curator, artist Tatiana de Stempel has secured established names including Fiona Banner, Gavin Turk and Harold Offeh, as well as more emerging names such as Xenia Bond, Janine Shroff and Anna Sebastian. The intention is to create a cross-cultural platform of work which explores issues of diversity and core themes of excess and death.

The exhibition examines the effect of excess as a probable death drive. Along with the process it looks to see how trauma and displacement enhance one’s vulnerability towards excess as a death drive and how excess becomes the trailer wagon of fantasy.

The artists have been invited to imagine what lies beyond death, both for the individual and the ‘afterlife’ of their work.

Reflecting on Manoj’s collaborative spirit, the public will be invited to attend a programme of free talks, performances, and workshops, including music workshops exploring Bengali and Indian folk music and poetry workshops investigating Sanskrit writing. Several exhibiting artists are working with LGBTQ+ subjects, providing visitors with an ideal opportunity to engage with and explore themes around these issues.

Extending the exhibition beyond the physical offering at Gallery 46, an online platform will feature the work of a number of invited international artists, offering the opportunity for the public wherever they might be in the world, to visit and engage with the exhibition during this period of Isolation.

The title of the exhibition is taken from an email Manoj sent to his close friend Dhritabrata Bhattacharya Tato to introduce his book on childhood train journeys. In Manoj’s words, from that book: ‘All of us have been on a train journey; all of us will have to make the journey from childhood to adulthood. But mine was through six states, across seven rivers and via six languages. Two of them, Hindi and Malayalam, still flow within me, slow, up and down, browsing. I want to relish them like I savour an Onasadya’.




Press Contacts
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+44 (0)208 2399 482
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Xenia Bond God:Jesus
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