Argentine designer, engineer and sculptor, comes from a science background, with a strong inclination to design and art from the Royal College of Art in London, where he graduated from in 2009. He founded The Reactor a centre of design and art in the city of Buenos Aires.

José’s work challenges the impossible, always dialoguing with the hardest of natural forces and finding ways to harness them. Understanding physics, how things move, light and rattle. He believes experimentation and failure are necessary in the process of extending what is thought of as possible.

CORPUS explores the capabilities of form multiplication, through 3d printing technologies and metal casting. It alludes the identification of our body with a new body, a family, a clone, an extended limb, and its unrecognised materiality.

MSc MA Eng. José García Huidobro, Visual Artist, Designer, Engineer
Skype jose_huidobro


José García Huidobro


12th – 27th February 2014

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