Chicken (Live Performance)


Chicken is from the unconscious; I use my body as a weapon.
It is an attack on my comfort zone.
I enter my steely glory hole with a struggle.
It is a portraiture of incompetence.
Chicken is fully loaded.
I am trapped in domestic dramas; I am invisible, I am not getting any.
There is no spirit here, it is a helpless action; an object, with no function other than to ridicule my dignity, baiting the spirit into obscurity.

I hide in my romantic fantasies.

I lurk and wallow in desires of petty circumstances of Binary make believe.
Appetite will tranform and stimulate my discontent and false piety.
I will plod, dull tasks will colour and perservere.
Emptiness will fill the obstacles of bloody pride, with emotional conflicts that bleedthe gut from wounds of immaturity and the supernatural.
Impulses will hold fast, while I sleep the uncharted Moment of thoughts and dreams.

© Jonny Reding


Jonny Reding


28th November 2008

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