LCC Sound Arts & Design
POSTPONED New dates to be announced


Private View: April 22
Exhibition dates:April 22 – 28 2020
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday  12-6pm
Sunday by appointment


Group exhibition created by B.A. (Hons) Sound Arts & Design students from London College of Communication.
A diverse range of works have been collaboratively produced and presented for the first time to the general public.
As a group, this new generation of sonic practitioners is happy to be able to show in such a unique and inspiring environment: a central feature of the show is the exploration of the role of sound within a fine art gallery context. What is the current status of sound art? What might it contribute to contemporary notions of art-making and what role, if any, might such a form, and its hosting partner, play in improving subjective and collective experiences of immanent spaces, temporalities and narratives?
Are these artists seeking to enhance the experience of visual art via an alternate sensory modality? i.e. by proposing an aesthetics of listening? Are they then consequently pointing us toward a tuned and attentive sensibility to the profound silences haunting the margins of contemporary noise (e.g. immigrant histories, ecological devastation, male violence). Conversely, are these artists turning us towards the noise and finding a musicality or agency in their deconstructions of language, technology, identity and architecture?
Our present time clearly presents important challenges, and this group of artists feel compelled to seek the means to ameliorate their environments via a sounding collective action and a social expression of novel sensory and conceptual configurations. The work ranges from audio-visual compositions, sound performance, interior and liminal installations, found objects, soundscape / ambient strategies and digital / post-digital media.
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