‘Nothing But The Truth’ – Michiel ten Bokum


Exhibition: 11th – 26th May 2pm 024, 12 – 6pm
Private View: 11th May 2024, 2 – 8pm


Michiel ten Bokum


GALLERY46 is proud to present ‘Nothing But The Truth’ by Dutch artist Michiel ten Bokum. The exhibition brings together new and seminal works from his captivating series of ‘Liars’, which has been in the making over the past 8 years.

‘Nothing But The Truth’ draws from a period the artist spent in London in 2015. A gritty mix of fine art and twisted pop culture, the work delves deep into the intricate social structures of both local and global figures, fueled by an unyielding anthropological curiosity. Through his unique lens, Michiel explores societal taboos, infusing his paintings and objects with a raw, politically provocative edge. The series of ‘Liars’, featuring iconic figures like Tara Singh Varma, Han Vermeegeren, Tony Blair, George Allen, Reekers, Willibrord Frequin, Prins Bernhard, Lyle Alzado, Mohammed Said Al-Sahaf, and himself, with each canvas a window into a world of intrigue and complexity.


About the Artist

Michiel ten Bokum has had several shows across Europe and most recently at Gallery Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam and Galerie Larik, Utrecht.

He works with painting, drawing and sculpture and the overall theme of his work is propelled by his personal obsessions with humour, self-mockery, and expressions which shapes his ideas. A leitmotif in the practice of Michiel ten Bokum is his never-ceasing anthropologic interest in the social structures of the local and global communities. His work reflects an obvious love for underdogs and outsiders. Subjective observations of violence, individual insanity, and all forms of abjectness, are moulded into paintings and objects in a most vulgar and politically incorrect way.

He is based in Holland and studied Fine Art at the Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving, Den Bosch and at De Ateliers, Amsterdam.

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