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WEDNESDAY 23rd JUNE 2021  6 – 10pm
THURSDAY 24TH JUNE  2021 6 – 9pm

25th June – 4th July 2021

Curated by Our Types & GALLERY46


Born in the riotous days of 2011, London Fields was the first brewery to open in Hackney,
EAST LONDON for over 100 years.
We brew accessible and flavoursome beers from our brewery under the arches in London Fields.
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Private View:
WEDNESDAY 23rd JUNE 2021  6 – 10pm
THURSDAY 24TH JUNE  2021 6 – 9pm

Exhibition dates:
25th – 4th July 2021
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday  12 – 6pm
Sunday 11 – 6pm
Monday – CLOSED


Dotmaster, a.k.a. Leon Seesix, hails from London but started painting on the streets of Brighton in the early ’90s. He takes a sideways look at a populist media, with a typically British sense of humour.

Nettie Wakefield
Nettie Wakefield (b.1987) is a British artist based in London. She spent summers at the Charles Cecil studios in Florence before completing a foundation year at Chelsea College of Art, a BA in Art History at Leeds University and her Masters degree in Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art, graduating September 2013.

Nerone‘s is a french artist based in London. London’s vibrancy and nightlife inspire many of his paintings. His more organic work represents unique colourful flowers mixed with the surreal lighting of fluorescent tubes. As he is aware of the various ecological challenges and economic problems of today’s world, Nerone constantly insists on spreading a positive message through his art.

Jessica Albarn
Jessica Albarn is known for her fine line drawings on paper. She also explores surface using glass clay wax and honey. Sometimes incorporating pressed flowers and insects by creating multi layered pieces.

Josh Stika
Josh Stika combines his love for letters with an urge to create pieces with physical tactility – things that we can touch and interact with in a 3D landscape. 2021 sees Stika move away from a career as a Creative Director and shift focus back to making artwork (where he belongs)!

Fanakapan is a self taught London based street/ graffiti artist -since the early 2000’s. Fanakapan’s 3D creations of helium balloon-based subjects will stop you in your tracks, they allow him maximum opportunity to demonstrate his superb free hand skills, use of shadow & reflective highlights to make his works just pop off the surface!

Ellice Kitty
London based Graphic Designer and Teacher, Ellice Kitty’s dot portraits blur the line between clarity and distortion. Her portraits are dictated by a grid structure that is then filled with coloured pencil dots. This systematic approach to portraiture offers a definitive beginning and end to the creative process. The subjects of Ellice’s portraits are often of powerful and inspirational women.

Lucie Flynn
Lucie Flynn is a contemporary artist who has moved into creating large scale paintings on the streets across the globe, her work is instantly recognizable and stands out loud and proud – nothing comes close to her dynamic style and the path in which she practices her form. Using combinations of spray paint, acrylic, inks and collage Flynn builds bright, clashing palettes with bold sweeps and splatters, layers of paint pulse and crackle.

Sarah Woodburn
Sarah Woodburn is a London based artist. Her paintings are focused on experimentation and her methodology is to have no plan. This approach gives room for gesture, space and movement. Woodburn is always chasing the perfect composition and authentic mark.

VOYDER is a multi disciplinary artist, a self taught painter with roots in graffiti and later oil painting. VOYDER’s current work explores the juxtaposition of classical painting with the most primitive form of leaving one’s mark upon the world. I’m also good at writing in the third person when I put his mind to it.

Ben Eine
Born in London, Ben Eine is one of the most successful street artists in the world and is regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of graffiti letterforms. Originally a graffiti writer, Eine started his career over 30 years ago, leaving his first tag all over London before developing his distinct typographic style. For this exhibition Lucie Flynn has collaborated with Ben Eine, blending their individual painting styles in a series of unique canvases.

Ben Eine + Lucie Flynn
Leon image
Sarah Woodburn
Voyder – Sophia drippy gold 2 sm
Fanakapn 2
Ellice Kitty 3
Lucie Flynn – Can You See Me
Nettie Wakefield
YES POSTER IMAGE.jpg Jess Albarn
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