The Hell Fire Touring Club Summer Solstice Dinner


The Menu

Thames Crocodile
Pork and fish with vegetables in aspic, with a vinaigrette of Austrian pumpkin seed oil and sourdough bread

Crimson Danube
Budapest paprika goulash drifted with melted gold

Topfenkuchen ‘Lied von der Erde’
Saffron cheesecake splashed with boozy summer fruits

(including wine, beer and schnaps)

Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans

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Artist Paul Renner is renowned in Austria, Italy, Germany and the US for his extravagant food sculptures, bar décors and events. As part of his exhibition with Cockney Viennese Aktionist Paul Sakoilsky at Gallery 46, Renner and his team are preparing a one-off invitation-only Solstice Dinner, with special guest Medlar Lucan, author of The Decadent Cookbook and The Decadent Gardener. Lucan and his co-author Durian Gray worked with Renner on The Hell Fire Touring Club, a Europe-wide project on gateways to the infinite in texts and pictures, which is on show in the gallery. After dinner Lucan will give a short talk on the history of the Hell Fire Touring Club. Sorcery by Bert Gilbert, music by Geraldine Swayne and Joseph Sakoilsky, and readings by Paul Sakoilsky, poet Richard Dyer and psychogeographer Niall McDevitt will complete this fabulous evening under the stars.

“Paul Renner’s work focuses on the idea of art as a Gesamtkunstwerk. He is particularly interested in art as synaesthetic perception. His exhibition projects culminate in the staging of theatrical soirées at which visual arts and performing arts are informed by culinary art and for which he designs buildings (Theatrum Anatomicum), stages festivals (Vakanz) and founds travel clubs (The Hell Fire Touring & Dining Club)” 

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