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Curated by DuoVision (Martin Green & James Lawler) & GALLERY46 (Sean McLusky & Martin J Tickner)

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Viewing by appointment only during November.  

GALLERY re-opens
Thursday 3rd – Sunday 13th December 2020



Pop Art pioneers Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana and Jasper Johns were queer.
This exhibition aims to explore the movements impact and influence of on four contemporary LGBT artists who continue to observe and explore contemporary pop culture.

Kelly-Anne Davitt paints sweets, toys, dolls and provocative images of female nudes in a hyper realistic playful pop style. Her electrifying immaculate canvases fuse traditional still life and portraiture with a with a contemporary approach. Kelly has exhibited many times and her shows recent work created during Covid 19 lockdown.

Cardiff resident Daniel Edwards glues trashy ephemera, price stickers and novelty giveaways onto postcards before scaling up to create large intricate pop paintings. He also recreates beautiful classical portraits on disused cardboard boxes – fusing the desirable with the disposable. This is the first time he has exhibited in London 

Bex Massey’s work examines the throw away nature of British popular culture and the anxiety drifting just below the surface of daily life. Motifs express the consumer gluttony extracted from her 80s/90s childhood memories. She appropriates and refashions this paraphernalia in her paintings fusing traditional techniques with garish colours to create a relevant contemporary canvas. 

ladypat produces vibrantly intense and humorous work inspired by icons, history and identity. His eye popping visuals were first screened in nightclubs when he created videos for S-Express, Adamski, Hi-Fi Sean ft Yoko Ono, Scarlet Fantastic and Boy George. His latest work transforms digital images in to hand made felt pieces creating a new folk pop art form – Compute & Craft

Orlando Campbell grew up with Stella, Noland, Paolozzi and Caulfield paintings, as his parents had collected these artists over the years. Their use of colour and symmetry were to become strong influences in his work over the years…

Bex Massey_Full English_Crp
‘Casaba’ – Edwards, Daniel
Kelly Davitt – Beach Balls
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