Paul Sakoilsky & Friends

Thursday 24th February
6 – 9pm

Friday 25h Feb – 6th March
12 – 6PM

The first Kunst Clown action took place at a solo show, Liget Galeria, Budapest, 2006.
Constantly evolving, taking various guises: attempted philosophy lectures, poetry readings, newscasts, life model and portrait painting sessions.


Exhibition Dates
Private View
Thursday 24th February

Friday 25th February – Sunday 6th March


Paul Sakoilsky
+ friends

“Paul Sakoilsky has made performances and paintings as hybridised “autopsies” of media images, in visceral terms, that act upon the daylight utopias of consumerism and media ideology. His on-going project the dark times is a newspaper in the potlatch spirit, described in the terms of Jean Baudrillard’s concept of hegemony, as an ultimate debasement of value.”
Peter Lewis, 2011










Solo Exhibitions & Performances

2016     Painting Practise 2, Kunst Clown series. Cabaret Futura, Art Car Boot Fair, London
2016     London (Exhibition), Arts Omega, London
2015     My Family & Other Animals (2 man exhibition), Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenee’s, London
2013     Local Landscape (2 man exhibition), Portman Gallery, London
2014     Kunst-Clown: Reading-Action, Fete Worse Than Death (20th Anniversary), Shoreditch, London,  film document by Alex Snelling/Slack Alice Films (Factual Nonsense archive, Tate Britain).
2013     Love; Herrick Gallery, London
2011     Homage to Robert Filiou – Transpose Head for Stone [Done Three Times] (perf); Red Gallery, London
2009     Kunst Clown (performance); F-ish Gallery, Hastings
2008     The Dark Times (exhibition); Carter Presents, London
2008     The Dark Times (exhibition); Jürgen Wolfstedter Galerie, Frankfurt
2007     Welcome To The Post-Psychedelic Baroque (solo exhib) with I Hate Fucking Clowns Liget Galeria, Budapest
2007     Dark Times (2 man exhib w Derek Ogbourne), with Clowning Area 53 (action/installation);
Area 53, Vienna
2006     Nevermind: Framebox (installation); Area 53 Galerie, Vienna
2006     Mother Hysteria #1 (performance); Szlimpa-Kert, Budapest
2006     Limit/Limit-Thought [Lecture Action With Helium & Laughing Gas]; Galerie Wildwechsel ;3rd International Performance Festival, Frankfurt
2005     Cry#1 (performance); Platform Raum Für Kunst (now Galerie Dana Charkasi), Vienna
2005     Idiot At Work (72 hour durational installation/performance, with evening performances with Thomas Draschan of Konrad Bayer’s Idiot); Platform Raum Für Kunst, Vienna
2005     Laugh/Cry#2 (performance/video screening & reading); [li:mes]: Festival Of Performance & Experimental Music, Lund, Sweden

2014    Bath Spa University, Corsham Hall
2013     Portman Gallery, London
2012     Fondazione Morra, Naples
2010-12  Artist in Residence, Red Gallery, London
2008     Artist in Residence, Climate 4 Change, The Mercedes Benz Dealership
2007     Artist in Residence, Climate of Change, ASC Studios, Union St, London

2009     May Day: The Editor’s Choice#1 – (Curation /publication project) ACE/Lottery Funded
1998      Idiot, London Arts Board
1997      Hermann Nitsch (Critical Dialogues) – ACE/International Initiatives
1995/96  London Arts Board – Curatorial Development grant, Interdisciplinary Practise, 30 Underwood Street Gallery.

British Council, Tate Britain & in internationally in private collections


“Paul Sakoilsky is a painter with a philosophical background and formidable skill for oratory and writing. The artworks are a concrete engagement which proclaims freedom in the possibility of envisioning a world different from the one we inhabit.”
Mike Watson, art writer & Curator

Kunst Clown (Overpainting)’ Acryl on Archival Giclée Print on Fuji Paper, orig photo from ‘Kunst CLown’ action, f-ish gallery, Hastings 2008 2016, P Sakoilsky
Kunst Clown (Overpainting)’ Acyl on Archival Gilé Print on fuji – Orig photo Discourse on Method 2, action Angus-Hughes Gallery, LOndon 2016 – P Sakoilsky
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