Construction (1)


Investigations of metaphoric qualities that subvert the rigid geometry of abstraction.

A balance is struck between passive acquiescence and the vitality necessary to engage with memories that act as our anchor and stability, the manner of the works making is emphasised rather than the aesthetics of its appearance and, conversely, its beauty is derived from the logic and economy of its construction. Conversations reveal them selves about why things are organised and arranged the way they are, laying bare the mechanisms of projection through which the material is transformed into the banal, liking its artistic formalism to institutional rigidity, cross references made without over determining responses, an injunction and an element in an austere design, vacuous beauty with sinister connotations that create logistically impossible perpetration’s of form. A supremacist dialectic that generates ambivalence, abstraction as the visual equivalent of the political situation, veiled references displayed as though to test our powers of perception, the deadpan certainty of classic minimalism, superb architectonic representation, a vehicle for the expression of doubt while activating mental and physical space. All attempts to penetrate the work reveal nothing more than walls.


Sean McLusky


7th – 14th March 2014

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