ALIGNMENT – Kevin Quigley & Mary Yacoob
Thursday 4th to Sunday 14th August 2021
Curated by Sean McLusky


Private View: TBC
Exhibition dates: Thursday 4th to Sunday 14th August 2021
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday  12-6pm
Sunday by appointment


Kevin Quigley & Mary Yacoob


For their forthcoming exhibition ALIGNMENT, London artists Mary Yacoob and Kevin Quigley are making studies of ‘elements’: geometrical elements in line, measurement, angle and shape.

They will be exploring these geometrical elements by using and demonstrating a range of techniques in drawing and printmaking, setting out to create a series of new works exploring harmony of colour and mark-making.

Since 3000 BC, people have been fascinated by the study, development and analysis of ‘spatial relations’ in line, measurement, angle and shape. Through a necessity of observation, they developed techniques in measurement and the surveying of everyday life.

Greek Mathematican, Euclid, who worked at the Library of Alexandria, wrote down ‘10 Greek Axioms’ which he called his ‘elements’. These ‘elements’ went on to form the empirical foundation of science and reasoning. Euclid’s text, written in the 3rd century BC, was entitled ‘The Elements of Geometry’ or in Greek, ‘Geo’ Metron’ (Earth Measurement). This text continues to enlighten, and is studied today as geometry continues to sub-divide into new, advanced forms explaining the universe around us.

So important was the study of line and shape that Pythagoras and Plato often wrote ecstatically about ‘geometry’ as the key to the interpretation of the universe. Thus, geometry gained an association with the sublime, to complement its earthy origins and its reputation as the exemplar of precise reasoning.


Mary Yacoob’s work immerses viewers in the mysterious sensory-chromatic ambiance of star maps and the night sky. The evolution of visually complex and harmonious alignments suggests artistic creativity as a metaphor for the creativity inherent in all natural processes.

Kevin Quigley’s work is a series of drawings and stone lithography prints, where he draws inspiration from the occult sciences of geomancy and talisman making. He will present two sets of print works on these subjects, exploring the esoteric meaning of number, mark making and alignments. Examining ‘earth energies’ and landscapes that marry symbol and nature together, the prints will focus on strange monuments, large and small, which use astro-archaeology to call down the stars.

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