6- 29 August 2020 TYPOGRAFFIC CIRCLE
POSTPONED New dates to be announced


Private View: 6 August 2020 POSTPONED
Exhibition dates: 7 – 29 August 2020 POSTPONED
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday  12-6pm
Sunday by appointment


Gary Stranger
Daan Rietergen
Greg La Marche
Trevor Wheatley
Jeroen Erosie
Franck Pellegrino 


Typograffic Circle, a collective that brings together visual artists from a new and emerging sub-culture, founded by artists Gary Stranger and Pref as a platform for artists who push the boundaries of typography in a space where wall and mural art meets fine art and the gallery world. Work that dances the line between typography, graphic design and contemporary art. Its innovative, free thinking approach to typography and letterfom has been inspiring both the urban art world and corporate brand worlds alike. Its aesthetic and approach has become an undeniable cultural influence. Their name is a direct reference to ‘The Typographic Circle’, a platform set up by traditional typographers for traditional typographers about traditional typography.  Typograffic Circle is about a disregard for rules and being an outsider. None of the artists in the ‘collective’ would consider themselves typographers, nor their work typography, yet they all work with letterform as a starting point to disrupt the world of typography. 

Typograffic Circle aims to be the ‘go-to’ brand to represent, define and grow the currently unclaimed movement. By partnering with and supporting all key artists currently working in the genre, curating an online platform, producing exhibitions, fine-art editions and public art projects. 

The exhibition will involve all dimensions of the movement including sculpture, painting, installation and digital work. We aim to show the depth and versatility of the art form through an immersive experience motivated by the importance of telling the story. 

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