10 – 26 September 2020 SCARLETT WOMAN curated by Martin Green,
James Lawler (Duo Vision) & Sean McLusky and Martin J Tickner
POSTPONED New dates to be announced


Private View: 9 September 2020
Exhibition dates: 10 – 26 September 2020
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday  12-6pm
Sunday by appointment


George O’Dowd
Slim Barrett
Robyn Beeche
Monica Curtin
Thomas Degen
David Hiscock
Nick Knight
Andrew Logan
Mark Wardel
Iain R Webb
Martin Welch
and many more TBC


DuoVision & Gallery46 present Scarlett Woman, an exhibition exploring the model and muse Scarlett Cannon and her influence on popular culture and London’s 1980s club scene.

From working class roots, Scarlett exploded onto the club scene in 1980 and created a buzz with her fearless persona and radical appearance. Challenging preconceived notions of female beauty, she soon became model and muse to many progressive artists including queer pioneer and sculptor Andrew Logan, photographer Nick Knight, stylist Judy Blame and painters Feliks Topolski and Luciana Martinez.

The legendary Blitz club opened in 1979 and in a few short years changed music, fashion and art. Launching a generation of artists, designers and musicians, pushing the boundaries of creativity they formed a movement that took British culture by storm. Nightclubs provided a safe and exciting space for LGBT people to meet, bond and create.

DuoVision present a programme of exhibitions celebrating 40 years of club culture from a queer perspective through photography and visual art.

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