Seulgi Kang


Seulgi Kang’s delicacy of work belies our innermost fears of want and the human condition, showing life’s breath separated by a membrane from nature and life itself, how we touch, feel and breath our thoughts in what is the human spirit manifested in man against the eternal, which is just one and a slight trope represented in her devastatingly honest works. They show the recurrence of fragility in belief and emotion, it’s ‘all’, yet separated, to come back, again and again but gone in an instance.
In the work of No-One, the words of Wordsworth resonate “the meanest flower that blows can give thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears” – attainment is out of reach, this feeling is unknowingly amplified by the background music SAlPURI, Korean traditional performance for an exorcism – which questions us, to free oneself from what? Ones self?
Her works communicate all emotions from ones thoughts…fear, love, joy, hate, the inconsequential…the intimacy of our thoughts that make us who we are seen to be, innocently laboured and harboured into hope, frustration, anger and to that matter any and all emotions that make us individual in our fears, dreams, innocence and demons. Energies are expressed exhaustively delicate and precarious, but to ultimately end up futile and gone, to mean nothing, or, however, we can question and hopefully from this questioning we look to find ourselves and truth.
Seulgi Kang, born in South Korea and based in London, video and performance artist, chelsea college of Art, 2016.