Paul Fryer


“Various permutations of The Dreamer have been created. Initially she came from a studio accident; another female waxwork being removed from a plinth stuck unevenly removed bolts caused her to hover. Her hair hung softly to the surface and it occurred to me that this was the perfect place to hide the means of levitation. The same week the levitating mimes appeared in covent garden, where I was living at the time. I had to laugh. Interestingly her sister was imprisoned, tied to the floor Gulliver-wise by a hundred golden threads. The Dreamer’s effortless weightlessness was the perfect counterpart to a study in human bondage. For a while she became my muse, my way to escape the mental anguish I felt at that time, misery born of yet another manifestation of the crushing effect of unfettered capital and the ruthless monkeys who wield this power. It made me feel a tiny bit more free and sometimes that’s all you need.
The suffix is a reference to an old song which still equally haunts me and releases my spirit. In summary I hope to be free to dream even if I am not free to live. I hope to dream beyond death and unlimited by mortality.” Paul Fryer, 2016

Paul Fryer was born in Leeds in 1963. He currently lives and works in London. since first exhibiting in 1996, his work has been shown in numerous galleries worldwide, including the ROYAL ACADEMY and TATE BRITAIN. Fryer is also part of many international collections. His work assumes many forms, as Fryer adopts complex and diverse techniques, such as x-ray photography, lenticular printing, sculpture and painting as a means to explore notions of temporality, physics and the universe.

Solo Exhibtions

Square Circle Star Cross Waves, Guido Costa projects, Turin, 2012

The Undivided Light, Hospital Gallery/AFM, London, 2012

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Group Exhibtions

GlassStress: White Light, White Heat, Palazzo Franchetti & Berengo Glass Museum, Venice, 2013

Tilt To And Fro, Paul Stolper, London, 2013

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