Martin Sexton


For ‘Autonomy’ Martin Sexton is exhibiting an exclusive set and an edition image from his large scale work: ‘Switching ON Stonehenge’ – here the work features the artist with the Japanese experimental band BO-NINGEN and the performance piece ‘STONEHENGE SACRIFICE.’
Inspired by an earlier work in collaboration with the legendary JAMIE REID, which featured personal family archive of the chief Druid and members of the Golden Dawn switching OFF Stonehenge in a magical ceremony in 1913. This work and the subsequent actions and performances, attempts to reverse engineer the 1913 act, in order to turn the ancient iconic sacred site back on again. The work exhibited took place on the shortest leyline or energy line in Britain that tradition says runs between Arnold circus to St James’s Mayfair – traditionally the poorest part of London to the richest.

This work is on-going and over a decade in the making. It follows in the tradition of ‘SHAMANARCHY’ or Shamanist Anarchy.
Martin Sexton is a London based Irish contemporary writer, poet, experimental artist, curator and film maker, and has exhibited widely, including: TATE BRITAIN LONDON, BENAKI MUSEUM ATHENS, WOLFSONAIN MUSEUM MIAMI, POETRY LIBRARY SOUTH BANK LONDON, HYDRA MUSEUM GREECE and THE ECONOMIST PLAZA LONDON with the CONTEMPORARY ART SOCIETY.

Debut solo exhibition 2015 at Gervasuti Foundation for the 56th Venice Biennale. In 2015 his short film ‘NO TURNING BACK’ was awarded the TITHE GRANT by THE BLAKE SOCIETY judged by SIR ALAN PARKER. He curated, wrote and produced the world’s first global Sonic Art project ‘WE LOVE YOU’ (Published by Booth Clibborn Editions & Candy Records 1996) the first to feature what would become many of the so called YBA’s or sensation artists. A decade before in Chicago in 1986 curated the worlds first Acid House album ‘IN THE KEY OF E’ and helped produce and mix the seminal ‘CAN U FEEL IT?’ by Fingers inc.