Dazzi Black


Dazzi Black ‘skull sculptures’ (x3 series) represents the lightness against darkness, the ying and yang inspired by the craziness of the perputual journey of life, but also with reference to his time spent in West coast America for 20 years and all its machinations, but more specifically time spent building instillations in the spirit and madness of Burning man with it’s prescient freedom and psychotropic stimuli – the search for truth and all it’s visual wonders. Dazzi Black, back working in london with the distance, inspiration and calm from afar, his work instils the embodiment of our wonder, excitement and fears of our beliefs.; in his own words “madness by design”.

Dazzi Black grew up in the working class cotton town of Preston in Lancashire in the early 70’s and searches for the fantasy, colourful and wanderlust away from the backdrop of his early beginnings.