Caleb Madden


“I use noise as catalyst in an ongoing project aimed at facilitating mass access to the anti-void. I assert that by becoming aware of elided perceptive data-streams we can fashion neoteric tactics; radical stratagems equipped to divert and destabilise the complex machinations of a hyper-networked, hyper-accelerated, hyper-fucked world”

Caleb Madden lives and works between Berlin, Croatan, Zhejiang Province,

and the South East of the UK. He is an artist, writer and curator working at the hyperstitional intersection of noise, subculture, sculpture, and theory to create installations, performances and speculative futures. He holds and MA (distinction) in Fine Art from the University of Brighton. Alongside his artistic practice he is a founder member of the sonic arts collective The Spirit of Gravity and produces a monthly radio broadcast on Resonance Extra DAB