AKA Matador


Iggy Rathmann – born in Madrid, half Spanish, half German blood, grew up in the streets and bull rings of the city, playing music from age 11, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, sound engineer on multiple projects, moved to London 2012, an experiment in sampling of organic elements from field recordings, sound creation, 360 atmosphere design, an amalgam of experiences, new ways of creating in new geographical locations, captured through sampling, field recordings and the sound of objects, making the computer the instrument to create the work.

Believes: Digital workstations will define contemporary sound like other key musical equipment has in the past. Experimental soundscapes, taking an almost traditional ‘field recording’ approach but also curiously emerging from an R&B aesthetic.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/1234records/sets/you-never-felt/s-HtPKP